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Testing and measuring laboratory
  • Accredited in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 17025.
  • It is equipped with the latest equipment and materials produced by world leaders such as BYK, Q-LAB, ERICHSEN, TESTO, MEMMERT, BASF, ALDRICH, BINDER, etc.
  • Has a highly qualified staff who have been trained in courses on testing and competence of testing laboratories (ISO / IEK 17025).
  • Modern test methods are used
  • New laboratory facilities meet the requirements of environmental, sanitary and hygienic, fire and other safety standards.

List of types and test methods

Name of test types ND on test methods
External view
Тs 16051695-001:2014 п 6.2; Тs 16051695-002:2014 п 6.2;
Тs 16051695-003:2014 п 6.2; Тs 16051695-004:2014 п 6.1;
Тs 16051695-005:2014 п 6.2; Тs 16051695-006:2014 п 6.3;
Тs 16051695-007:2014 п 6.2; Тs 16051695-008:2014 п 6.2;
Тs 16051695-009:2014 п 6.1; GMW 14517  п 3.1.1-3.1.7;
Geometric sizes
Тs 16051695-001:2014 п 6.3,п 6.5; Тs 16051695-002:2014 п 6.3,п 6.5;
Тs 16051695-003:2014 п 6.3,п 6.5; Тs 16051695-004:2014 п 6.2;
Тs 16051695-005:2014 п 6.3; Тs 16051695-006:2014 п 6.4;
Тs 16051695-007:2014 п 6.3; Тs 16051695-008:2014 п 6.3;
Тs 16051695-009:2014 п 6.3;
Determination of  Tensile Elongation properties, compression, bending
EDS-T-7642 EDS-T-7669
EDS-T-7677 ГОСТ 18564-73
ГОСТ 17317-88 GMW 3010 EDS-T-7132
Heat  resistance (cyclic tests)
EDS-T-7604 EDS-T-7007 П. 5.4
EDS-T-7627 EDS-T-7630
EDS-T-7645 EDS-T-7735
Petrol resistance GMW 14333, EDS-T-7419
Resistance to detergents GMW 14334; EDS-T-7618
Density EDS-T-7673
Thickness EDS-T-7624
Weight per square EDS-T-7611
moisture resistance EDS-T-7005, EDS-T-7022 п.6.5
Odor resistance EDS-T-7603
Heat  resistance EDS-T-7604
Abrasion resistance EDS-T-7614
The fire resistance of the internal materials of the car; EDS-T-7602, GMW 3232
Fuel resistance EDS-T-7617
Heat resistance EDS-T-7513
Verification of Requirements for Frontal Airbag Modules GMW 3112
Impact resistance EDS-T-7503, GMW 14093
Light resistance , weatherability
EDS-T-7422 EDS-T-7041
O`z DSt 2965:2015( EDS-T-7415) GMW 14867
O`z DSt 2968:2015(GMW 14162) O`z DSt 2922:2015(GMW 14445)
O`z DSt 2957:2015(GMW 3414) SAE J2527
O`z DSt 2956:2015 (SAE J2412) ISO 4892-1
ISO 4892-2 ISO 105-В02
ISO 105-В06 O`z DSt 2943:2015(ASTM G151)
O`z DSt 2933:2015 ГОСТ 9.401-91(п.п.
Temperature and moisture resistance (cyclic testing)
GMW 14867 EDS-T-7022(п.п.6.6)
GMW 14325п.п.4.1.2 EDS-T-7007(п.п.5.2)
O`z DSt 2924:2014(GMW 14124) EDS-T-7041(п.п.6.2)
GMW 14867п.3.5 TS15769203-16:2017
Heat resistance (aging)
GMW 14325(п.п.4.1.6) EDS-T-7007(п.п.5.3)
O`z DSt 2924:2014 GMW 14124H(п.п.4.5.8)
GMW 14650п.4.2 EDS-T-7022(п.п.6.3)
EDS-T-7041(п.п.6.3) GMW 14444п.

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