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  • The activity of joint Uzbek - Korean venture 'Uz-Dong Yang Co' began since 1996 when the agreement on joint venture between Southern Korean company 'Dong Yang Ewha Industries Co LTD' and joint-stock company ' Uzavtosanoat' has been signed.
  • Company is established for providing with details of interior trim the automobiles Nexia, Damas, Matiz, Spark, Cobalt and Gentra manufacturing at 'GM-Uzbekistan'. It has allowed to reduce volume of import of automobile parts and by that to save foreign currency reserves of the state, and also to create new workplaces for the population. To carry out the localization program of manufacture component parts for domestic automobiles.
  • Company basically specializes on manufacturing of interior trim parts for automobiles, including door trim, headlining panels and carpets. Besides these, nowadays is carried out of seat covers sewing for automobiles.
  • Company is equipped by high technologies of the well known company 'Dong Kwang Tec.Co., LTD' and pressing equipment of company ' Hosung ' South Korea. The workers of the company had trainings at the factories of 'Dong Kwang Tec.Co. LTD' distinguishes a high professional level. There are over the 800 workers and employees works at the company.
  • In 2007 the Management System of Quality has been implemented at the company according to the standard ISO 9001:2000. At the factory are established the multistage monitoring system - from the entrance control of receiving raw material up to the final control according to the methods established by the manufacturer - requirements on quality control.
  • In a year company makes 250 000 sets of interior trim parts of automobiles.
  • The main trading partners of the joint venture 'Uz-Dong Yang Co' are the automobile factory of Joint-Stock Company 'GM-Uzbekistan' where are supplying interior trim parts of automobiles, and the joint venture 'Uz Tong Heung Co' (seat covers for automobiles). In small volumes production of the company is realized through service centers and trading firms within the Republic of Uzbekistan.



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